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Richard Funchess



Richard Funchess has been a baseball fan all of his life. Growing up in Beaumont, Texas, Richard followed the Houston Astros through their ups and downs. Following the team as it transformed from a perennial last-place team into the best team in the league has been an exciting and, at times, difficult process. Watching the Astros win the 2017 World Series was an unforgettable experience and one of Richard’s favorite sports memories. Richard was fortunate enough to attend game three of the series, which the Astros won.

During high school, Richard played as a pitcher in TAPPS Division 1. His time playing taught him a great deal about teamwork and commitment. Furthermore, the sport taught Richard the importance of being aware of life’s minor details—an important skill that is easy to overlook. Finally, baseball helped Richard understand the most valuable lesson of all: lack of talent and natural ability can be overcome by working hard, being prepared, and following through.

One aspect of baseball that Richard Funchess enjoys the most is how much strategy goes into winning a game. In each game, many factors have to be accounted for when making strategic decisions. Richard enjoys this mental aspect of the sport. While baseball is Richard’s favorite sport he also enjoys many others. He played basketball and golf in addition to baseball while attending high school. Richard also enjoys following college football and boxing.

In 2020 Richard Funchess will graduate from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration in real estate. From an early age, Richard was interested in finance since his father works as a financial manager. After taking a class on real estate during his sophomore year, Richard decided to specialize in the subject. Real estate is relatively independent of the overall market which makes it an attractive asset for investors—one of the reasons why Richard is interested in the subject. One of Richard’s main goals when it comes to learning about real estate is understanding how to recognize lucrative deals when they present themselves. This can sometimes be tricky in the ever-changing real estate market, but Richard is confident that over time he’ll develop this skill.

After graduation, Richard Funchess intends to stay in Georgia or return home to Texas for work. Regardless of his location, Richard looks forward to working in the commercial real estate industry and learning more about the financial industry along the way.