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Let’s be honest, reaching 100 wins in a regular MLB season is no easy feat. On wednesday night, 9/12/18, the Red Sox did just that. They are the first team in 2018 to reach this milestone, feeding off of a very dominant season. There are very few who could be surprised by this based on the track record they hold this season, but this feat comes with more weight.

Manager Alex Cora came on as the skipper this season as a first timer to the role. Between last year’s 93 win season and this season, the Sox made a managerial switch to Cora. This is the first time since 1993 that a manager in their inaugural season leads a team to 100 wins. The last time was when the great Dusty Baker and the Giants finished with 103 wins. With 16 games left this season, it is likely the Red Sox will pass that number.

The win on wednesday night rode in on a performance by David Price, who looked to be at the top of his game. After the game, Price was looking to the future. His focus was on to win 101, and so on after. Price has been to go to guy since ace Chris Sale has been out on injury since early August. Sale was back for a single inning the night before as part of recovery from a shoulder injury. This means with Price bringing his A-game and Sale back that the Sox have their arms back.

All of the honor can’t just be placed on the pitching, the batting of the Red Sox is something to marvel at. J.D. Martinez has been hitting a monster of a season, with 40 home runs at the current moment. He was an addition to the team this season and has proved his worth tenfold. J.D. holds down the batting order with consistent performance and has been a force to reckon with. Mookie Betts, however, is also holding his own and making waves. Betts is an MVP favorite this season putting up a performance that is second to none.

With the 99th win the night before the Red Sox also became the first team to clinch a playoff berth. In their division the next closest to them is the Yankees, who are 10 games behind them. The Astros are the next closest to their record, behind 8 games, and with 16 games left can definitely make it to the 100 win club as well. Red Sox have been on a record setting season, but we all know that October baseball is a magical thing, and anything can happen.