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A Brief History on American Baseball

Passed down through the generations, baseball has become a staple for many households throughout America. But how did the national pastime earn its prominence? While baseballs origins are generally disputed, evidence of a game played with a ball and a bat exists as early as the 1300s. In American history, baseball emerged prior to the […]


Unspoken Do’s and Don’ts in Baseball

While every sport has its own quirks, baseball is ripe with it superstitions that drive how the games are played and how players behave and participate. Most of these rules are unwritten but have evolved into pivotal facets of the sport. Here’s a list of some unspoken do’s and don’ts of baseball.   What Not […]


The Best Books for Baseball Fans

For many baseball fans, their support of the sport does not wean once the television has been shut off and the stadium stands cleared. Baseball has been a favored sport for viewing and has grown in popularity for reading as well. Here are five books baseball fans should get their hands on today. The Glory […]

Richard Funchess Podcasts for Sports Lovers

Podcasts for Sports Lovers

Sports media comes in many forms of mediums: radio, internet, television, and now even podcasts. Similar to that of the radio, sports podcasts are produced for a low cost and are broadcasted to the public. Here’s a list of some of the best sports podcasts of today. Ring Rust Radio Fans of WWE will rave […]

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1978: A World Series to Remember, Continued

Continued from my last blog… The Wheels Fall Off the Trolley Dodger Although years removed from their time in Brooklyn, there were still hundreds of New York residents who worshiped the Dodgers. Although the series was tied at 2-2, there was a sense of urgency missing from the LA dugout. It was as if one […]

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1978: A World Series to Remember

The 1978 World Series turned out to be an unexpected repeat of the previous year’s battle between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. During the 1977 six-game series the two teams traded shifting momentum. LA actually outscored New York by two more total runs, but the Yankees took the series 4-2. This […]

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Minor League Baseball Players: Chasing the Dream or Victims of Exploitation?

When we consider the term “professional baseball player”, most of us imagine a jet-setting major leaguer with an fat contract (an average of $4.47 million annually in 2017). In the United States and Canada, 750 players find themselves on big league rosters while approximately 6,175 toil in the minors hoping to beat the odds and […]

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Upcoming Trades for the Astros

The Brewers are making some big moves that have Astros fans on pins and needles, hoping that it will pave the way for their team’s future prospects. They first gained attention, when they traded Christian Yelich, a move that could bode well for the Astros, if the team chooses to take advantage of the opportunity. […]

Richard Funchess Forgotten MLB Players

Forgotten MLB Players Of The 21st Century

Over the past 18 years of baseball, many of the players have made the headlines. Here are a few of the quickly forgotten about players of the 21st century. Juan Pierre Juan Pierre made his debut in the early-2000s. His best years were spent playing for the Miami Marlins and the Colorado Rockies. He’s probably […]

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