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Kyler Murray's Choice | Richard Funchess

Kyler Murray’s Choice: Baseball or Football

A few weeks ago, baseball player for the Oklahoma Sooners, Kyler Murray, won the Heisman Trophy. His win started a discussion amongst avid sports fans, baseball and football alike, on whether Murray should continue his career in baseball or focus on a career in football, for which he plays quarterback very well and enjoys. Ben […]

Richard Funchess Mlb's Replay System Comes Up Short In The Alcs

MLB’s Replay System Comes Up Short in the ALCS

In the 2014 season, MLB made a much-needed change in the rules of baseball. The video replay system was expanded and made to help call the split-second calls that sometimes a quick glance can’t catch. The move was made after fans, players, and organizations called for a better way to judge these calls. Since then […]

Richard Funchess Baseball

A Brief History on American Baseball

Passed down through the generations, baseball has become a staple for many households throughout America. But how did the national pastime earn its prominence? While baseballs origins are generally disputed, evidence of a game played with a ball and a bat exists as early as the 1300s. In American history, baseball emerged prior to the […]


Podcasts for Sports Lovers Part II

Looking to stay up-to-date with your favorite sports leagues even while on the go? Podcasts are portable options for the sports fan looking to stay informed and entertained even away from the television set. Unsure of where to begin? Read one of my previous posts outlining some of the best sports podcasts, and if you […]


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