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Earlier this year, the MLB legalized betting on games. This has been a long-awaited turn of events in the MLB as well as other sports, such as the NBA and NHL. Along with this change, the MLB has announced a partnership with MGM Resorts International as the official gaming and entertainment partner for the MLB. This is the first time a there has ever been an official partner of the MLB for gaming and entertainment in the history or the MLB.

MGM will start using the official stats for the MLB and will also get priority access to enhanced stats for the league. The partnership will also allow MGM to fully use all properties owned by the MLB, which includes logos and other proprietary items of teams. This also gives MGM a larger presence at the bigger games of the year, like the World Series and All-Star Game.

The MLB is now the third U.S. Professional sports division to partner with MGM, with the NBA in June and the NHL in October of this year. The sponsorship with MGM is an exclusive deal, but the data rights are not, which allows the MLB to sell it to other organizations without interfering with the partnership. There are, however, a few stats that will be exclusive to MGM. The stats are considered “advanced stats” that include: speed of runners, route efficiency in the outfield, and the velocity of home run balls hit. These stats will be branded with MGM in-game use and other TV uses.

With this partnership, the MLB will work with MGM to ensure that the integrity of the game will still be upheld, as the sport has been the spotlight of previous issues of betting and gambling. In the past situations, such as Pete Rose betting on his own teams and the 1919 White Sox throwing games in the World Series. In 1992 an act is known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was put in place to protect the game from betting in most every state. This act was lifted on the sport in May of this year and has now allowed betting in all states of the U.S.