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Looking to stay up-to-date with your favorite sports leagues even while on the go? Podcasts are portable options for the sports fan looking to stay informed and entertained even away from the television set. Unsure of where to begin? Read one of my previous posts outlining some of the best sports podcasts, and if you need more recommendations, continue reading below: 

Ross Tucker Football Podcast

While there are many notable NFL podcasts cropping up, Ross Tucker, a former NFL player, offers unique analysis in his podcast. In addition to his knowledgeable on-field evaluations, Tucker also provides behind-the-scenes insight for more dynamic podcasts. As for guests, Tucker invites some of the most notable minds in the industry to keep his NFL enthusiasts informed and engaged.

The Lowe Post

This basketball-driven broadcast features NBA writer Zach Lowe. With Lowe’s acute basketball analysis, keen commentary, and interviews, The Lowe Post has become the network’s “go-to” podcast to keep up with basketball.

The Rich Eisen Show

Rich Eisen, former ESPN broadcaster turned NFL Network star, has become a popular podcast host. With his background, Eisen is able to invite big names in the industry and keep them engaged. With his charismatic personality, Eisen boasts a top spot in the podcast world.

Jalen and Jacoby

After a notorious career as a scoring guard and forward, ex-NBA player Jalen Rose has taken on podcasting. With ESPN-experienced David Jacoby as co-host,  the podcast keeps listeners up-to-date with all of NBA’s happenings. Rose’s magnetism and Jacoby’s conversation skills have played off each other to result in a commendable podcast.

Football Weekly

This podcast does not follow the NFL. Instead, it heads overseas and focuses on what Americans call soccer. Featuring several fanatics, including James Richardson, Sid Lowe, Rafa Honigstein, and more, this podcast is the place for worldwide soccer league coverage.