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Baseball has been one of the most popular sports throughout the entire world since it was created in the early 18th century. One of the main reasons baseball is so popular is because it can easily be played without the need of a lot of equipment. A bat, ball and glove are the only things required to play this great game. While there are not a lot of variations to the ball or glove, the same is not true about baseball bats. Here is a breakdown of the three main types of baseball bats.


Aluminum baseball bats are what most kids will use their entire lives. Since aluminum is a very lightweight metal, kids are able to easily swing a large bat with ease. The lightweight material of aluminum baseball bats does not stop them from being very durable. It is almost impossible to break one of these bats during normal use. This lets an entire youth baseball team use the same bat for several seasons without any issues. This drastically cuts down on the cost to play the game and is the main reason aluminum bats are still used in high school and college.


Wood baseball bats are what most people associate with the sport, but they are actually only used at the professional levels. Swinging a wood baseball bat requires a lot of strength. This makes them unsuitable for younger players. While wood bats are expertly constructed, they are not the most durable. Hitting the ball on the wrong spot of the bat will easily cause them to break. Constantly replacing bats can be expensive, which is why they are only used by professional players. Most wood baseball bats are now made with maple, but ash and hickory can also be used.


Composite baseball bats are fairly new, but they are quickly growing in popularity. They are made from a special carbon fiber reinforced polymer material that weighs less than aluminum. This makes it even easier for a small child to develop the perfect swing. These bats also make it possible for less skilled players to hit the ball long distances. The biggest drawbacks to composite baseball bats are that they are more expensive and less durable than aluminum bats.