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The current home of the Oakland Athletics, the Oakland Coliseum, should serve its last season as the home stadium in 2022 for the team. The organization has announced that a new baseball stadium will be built for the team, and if everything goes to plan, the stadium will debut in the 2023 season. The stadium will be the smallest stadium in the MLB and also has the most futuristic and modern feel than any current stadium. The Oakland Coliseum is a shared stadium with the Oakland Raiders NFL team, and for each season the field has to be changed for either sport. This move will alleviate more of the problems that arise from this shared stadium.

The Athletics organization has been trying for over a decade to find a new home for the team and has come up short plenty of times before. With this new plan, the Athletics feel more confident in the relocation, and the new stadium will be fully funded privately. The new proposed location will be at Howard Terminal, near Jack London Square. The stadium will downsize from the 63,000 seats at Oakland Coliseum to about 34,000 seats. Even with the drop in capacity, the A’s and the city feel that the new stadium will be part of a new revitalizing plan for the waterfront district.

Along with this plan, comes a second requirement for the old stadium. The A’s organization will still hold the rights to the stadium, and will develop it into a new community area. This would require the baseball diamond to stay intact and will build a new amphitheater and tech hub. Brand new retail and housing projects will also follow in the footsteps for the new community area.

The last step in this proposed plan is to cut a deal with the Port of Oakland, which they have until the end of April to do so. Another consideration is the funding, which can be harder to find if the plan calls for full private funding. With the current plan, the price can be estimated to be around $2 billion dollars. There are a few factors that the organization has to navigate before the deal goes through, and with the luck the Athletics have had in the past, the hopes aren’t too high for many fans. This new stadium however, will bring the A’s into the modern era of stadiums and allow the fans a brand new space to enjoy a game at.