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The Brewers are making some big moves that have Astros fans on pins and needles, hoping that it will pave the way for their team’s future prospects. They first gained attention, when they traded Christian Yelich, a move that could bode well for the Astros, if the team chooses to take advantage of the opportunity. Next, the Brewers signed Lorenzo Cain to an $80 million, five-year contract.

In a trade that lost them the talents of Domingo Santana, the Astros brought Mike Fiers and Carlos Gomez to Houston. Even though the team had high hopes for Gomez in the 2015 playoffs, that earlier trade proved to be a poor decision on the part of the team’s managers. Some might point to Fiers and suggest he alone made the trade worthwhile, but, in fact, he still can’t match Santana’s successes. Now playing for the Brewers, Domingo has continued to prove his value with a .285 batting average last year. Santana’s record for last season also includes 30 home runs and 85 RBIs.

Brett Phillips, who was a fairly new addition to the major leagues, was also traded in that earlier deal. Already, he has scored a .276 from his 87 times at bat. That includes four home runs and 12 runs, as well as five base steals.

Even though Phillips showed promise, the Brewers are hoping to forfeit him, along with Santana, in the latest trades, leaving the door open for the Astros. If the Astros can offer a starting pitcher who will appeal to the Brewers, they may be able to bring their boys back home. Even if the Astros are interested in a deal, they may not have the talent that the Brewers are looking for in a trade.

The Brewers are building something of a dream team, looking for a pitcher of Chris Archer’s caliber. That means a trade with the Astros may be out, regardless of how valued Santana and Phillips are by the Houston team. Instead, the Astros are likely to look elsewhere, hoping that trading the two outfielders will earn them attention from teams who do have what they need. While the Astros may not be involved in this next trade, it does seem probable that Milwaukee will be bringing a new pitcher to the line-up in the coming season.